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Camelot Infant & Toddler Care Centre, A Preferred Choice for Your Child’s Early Years’ Care and Education!

At Camelot Infant & Toddler Care Centre, every single aspect, from the warm environment to the engaging programmes, are specially planned and designed to your child’s development and well-being in mind. We believe that a clean and safe environment with good hygiene practices lead to healthy babies. Hence, we emphasize a great deal of attention to ensure that the cleanliness of our environment and

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Hand And Finger Skills In Your Toddler: A Preschool Development Milestone

Camelot Preschool Singapore is an exciting development stage of your toddler. There are many signs of progress in their physical and mental abilities. Your child develops muscular and concentration precision till the age of 3. Parents can look forward to seeing the following improvements. Muscle Strength: A proper development care centre Singapore pushes your child creatively and academically to understand their body capacities. Their

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