Top Reasons Why Your Baby Cry?

crying baby

Babies don’t need an exact reason to shed tears. They could make a fuss going to best InfantCare in Hougang to finding their snack tin going empty. Thus, it is obvious for parents to get frustrated with a baby who always throws tantrums. It particularly gets annoying when you can’t quite find the reason why your little ones are shedding tears.

Furthermore, even if your kids learn to talk, the reason why they cry may not be rational enough. If your baby cries because you asked her not to eat the dog food, or because the muffins were not cold when they came out of the oven, then you aren’t alone. Kids often have interesting reasons to cry. Nonetheless, crying can be healthier no matter what your age.

Researches have proven that people feel better after shedding tears. So you don’t have to always stop your kid from crying. They could let out a few pearly drops roll down their eyes once in a while. Nevertheless, you still need to know why your kid is crying in order to properly respond to it.

When They Are Overly Stimulated:

Play places and bounce castles are usually crowded and crazy because that is a place where every kid would want to be. However, at one point in time, the hustle and bustle can become too much for your kids and they won’t be able to express what they feel. So the only thing that they would be able to do is to let the tears fall.

Thus, when you see your baby crying for no reason when you are at an overly crowded place, know that they are feeling overstimulated. Try giving them a break and take them out of the place to a quieter one. However, in case of some babies, this might prove to be insufficient as they will want to go back home as soon as possible.

When Hunger Strikes:

Hunger is a feeling that makes even the nicest people go mad. But luckily, babies will let you know when hunger strikes them unless they are completely engaged in some fun activities. In case of a non-verbal baby, this would not be the case though.

If your baby wakes up from a deep slumber and immediately starts crying, then you need to identify that hunger is the culprit. When your kid hasn’t eaten in a while and you notice her temper is sinking down, offer her a quick snack.

When They Want Your Attention:

If you are a parent, you might have noticed your kids sobbing as soon as you turn your attention away from them. You might be wondering why but the kids know that crying is a great way to grab your attention. Now, this is a really bad behavior but you can’t shout at your kids to stop crying.

But the one thing that you could do is to ignore your kid’s attention seeking behavior. Don’t make eye contact and conversation with your kid when she is trying to seek attention. Once you do this, your kids would know that it is no good to throw a tantrum to grab your attention and thus will always remain polite and nice.

When They Are Overtired:

Tiredness is one of the most common reasons why your baby cries. Too little sleep is often the reason for tiredness and the only way to prevent it to come up with a routine sleep schedule. The schedule should include two times a day and a good amount of bedtime.

Healthy bedtimes range between 7 to 9 PM. Or the easiest way to determine the tell-tales signs that your baby throws out. This includes rubbing eyes, yawning, and tiny glaze over their eyes. Thus, when you notice these sign either put your kid to sleep or try to help them control themselves.

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