Help Your Child Recognize and Express Its Emotions


Early childhood development and education can be somewhat a mystery, as it is during this time your little one wants to learn about how the world around them works. Today there are a lot of technologies and techniques that make babies learn the basic behavioral gestures and communicating effectively by learning in the best infant and toddler care centre Singapore. Along with basic understanding about things, they also discover their emotional feelings and their reactions.

The journey of emotions is a roller coaster ride for some toddlers and for some it is an overwhelming experience to understand the complexities of emotions. There will be times that your child may get frustrated through emotional outbursts or have a hard time calming down. Infant care centres will come to your rescue as they are trained to handle every child’s mood swings and would make you understand how to handle your child in identifying and learning “emotions journey.”

Here are some things that you can do to help your child learn the emotions correctly:-

Feelings Are To Be Recognized

To express the feelings correctly your child needs to recognize them appropriately. For example you can say, “Mom has to go to work and you are sad to say goodbye with a sad facial expression,” thus your child will understand the feeling and will learn to express it by mimicking your facial expressions. You can also say “you were angry on him for yesterday’s behaviour” speak and express your feelings as much as you can so that he can grasp it easily.

Use story books, pictures or videos to point out the various emotions of the story’s characters to your child. Your child will eventually build an emotional vocabulary over time and get to the point where they are able to identify those feelings and talk to you about them.

Talk About the Expressiveness Of The Feelings

Communication is the key to teach your toddler an exact effect of each feeling and also an appropriate solution to it. “Your sister fell off the cycle yesterday- how do you think she must be feeling?”  or “you are frustrated because you are not able to put the books on shelf? I think you can ask for help or try to do it again taking deep breath and with full concentration.”

You can put your child to drama and dance classes for for your child to express his or her emotions creatively through physical moments and facial expressions. Drama classes also boost confidence and improves their communication and language skills.

Nurture Your Connection with Littleone

Daycare center Singapore and other preschools make your parenting journey easy but for a toddler it is important to bond and connect with mom and dad to regulate and deal with his emotions. See the world with your child’s eyes and understand his feelings, meltdowns which allows you to respond appropriately. The educarers at the infant care centres can help you know your toddler’s reactions.

Praise- It Will Make This Exercise Easy!

A child needs attention, affection and appraisal for every effort he makes to feel overwhelmed and try it for the next time too. Children should know that it is fine to express their feelings, and to give opportunities for responding in every situation appropriately. You can talk about feelings and practicing strategies during dinner, grocery shopping etc. The more your toddler will do such exercise the faster will he grow to express his emotions independently.

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