Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive with the idea of placing my grandchild at an Infant Care Centre. It has been 8 months since then, yup, there is no looking back. The Camelot is helmed by a heart-warming lawyer turned entrepreneur who wasted no time in further enhancing the Centre with stimulating curriculum such as water fun activities to a soon to be set up miniature garden.

Susie Teo - Mother

Clean, cosy and safe were words that came into my mind the moment I stepped into Camelot. I had been to some infant care centres for viewing. Most are cluttered and I did not feel at ease. At Camelot, toys and materials are age-appropriate for infants and toddlers to engage and explore. A mother’s instinct tells me that this is the environment for my boy. I am looking forward for baby j to start next month :)

Ng Karen - Parent

We have been sending our kid to Camelot for the last 8 months and we have absolutely no regrets about sending him there. Unlike most chain childcares, Camelot has a heartland feel; homely and cosy, like one big happy family. We have very close interactions and personalised feedback from the teachers daily, in which we truly appreciate their tailored care for each child. Positive teacher-parent interaction is of utmost importance and we are really glad that Camelot’s teachers are sincere, responsive and actively act on our requests. Our baby will never get bored there too – there are plenty of enrichment activities planned out during festivals (e.g. baby painting CNY drawings using their footprints, Easter egg colouring) and on normal days (supervised interactive water play using inflatable bathtub, music, sensory play and storytelling sessions) and we always look forward to hearing how our darling baby’s behaviour was like in these programmes :) Every now and then, we also get pleasantly surprised when the school introduces new activities, purchases new toys and upgrades equipment, from this you know the school director is really dedicated to providing quality infant care. In fact, when we have more kids, there is no question where to enrol our baby in! If you wish to look for a place in which the teachers treat every kid as one of their own, rather than just formal business transaction, then Camelot is just for you.

Lisa Lau - Parent

Thank you for taking such great care of our little munchkin!
I am so happy I enrolled him in Camelot Infant Care.

Hei Sen - Parent

Great job! My daughter Kayla absolutely loves it!
She’s made lots of friends and is learning so much.

Kate Yong - Parent