Liza Lam

It was a wonderful journey to see the growth and development of our child through her time with Camelot, with the dedication, warmth, love, patience and care shown by the teachers and staff there. From learning to walk more steadily, exploring eating a variety of food, picking up words here and there, and singing and dancing, our daughter enjoyed her time greatly at Camelot. The bright and spacious environment, with plenty of learning tools, allows plenty of room and opportunities for the children to explore and learn and socialize. The staff was accommodating with different reasonable requests for individual child, and paid good attention to the children’s well being. Nearer graduation, the teachers would take the effort to train and prepare with the children for tasks that may be encountered in preschool. All in all, a wonderful experience for our daughter and for us as the parents, knowing that she was in good hands. – Kyra’s Daddy and Mummy

  • June 12, 2018

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