Teach your Infant to Sleep


Getting your little one to sleep can be a big task! Babies are known to have irregular sleep cycles through the first year of their birth. While newborns sleep about 16 to 17 hours per day, their sleep might be 1 or 2 hours at a time. As babies get older, they need less sleep.  However, setting up a sleep routine will calm your child and keep it in good mood and avoid morning crankiness.

In the first few months of birth, a baby learns to adapt the life outside the womb. To get your baby familiar with the concept of staying awake during the day, and sleeping at night will take time to establish. Each baby has a different body type hence different requirements of sleep.  Observe your baby’s response to sleep cycles and awake times to make a schedule that meets the needs of your infant.

A baby’s good night sleep ensures happy mornings for the tiny tot as well as the parents. You can take a few steps to set up a bedtime routine for your child to make it sleep by itself.

Guidelines to set up a good sleep routine


  • During the sleep time, feed your baby in silence and in dark room. It will help your baby calm down and go to sleep faster.
  • Make awake times play time; this will make sleep longer during the night. While your baby is up, try to engage it into activities to lengthen the awake time and also make it active and calm. It will help in putting your baby to sleep without fuss.
  • Put your baby to bed, when it is feeling sleepy. This will make your baby go to sleep on its own.
  • When your child wakes up while between naps or night time, take time to respond to the cries or calls. Wait for some time, probably your baby will go to sleep or if not then check out what else is bothering the little one.
  • Be consistent with the sleep times. Put your child to sleep on around a particular time to make it a part of your baby’s body cycle.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable while sleeping. Uncomfortable clothing or temperature might cause your baby to wake up with unfinished sleep.
  • When you see that your baby is getting drowsy, sing a lullaby, and then put her to bed. Over time, the lullaby will become a cue for nap or night time sleep.

Developing good sleep habits for your baby can be a challenge, and it is normal to get upset when a child keeps you awake at night. Try to be patient, it will fall into place sooner or later. A negative response by a parent can sometimes make a sleep problem worse and your child might start to be scared of you.

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