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Importance Of Playing With Blocks at Infant Care Centre

Block building at infant care centre Singapore help in developing gross and fine motor skills, also improves cognition. Blocks come in different shapes and sizes with limitless building possibilities. As children go older, they develop new ways to creatively build blocks and bang them on the floor once they have finished playing. A sensory development skill forms into toddlers as they feel block texture, color and their unique sounds. Camelot Infant Care Centre has a

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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preschool is the new beginning in your child’s development, new friends, learning new set of skills, gaining confidence and independence. An early preschooler brings school success and academically sound future. You and your toddler may go through mixed emotions like anxiety, excitement and even sadness of not being around each other the whole day. Here are some few simple strategies to ensure a smooth transition before entering preschool:- Visit The Preschool With Your Child A

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Camelot International To Open New Playgroup In Serangoon

Camelot International Infant Care (since 2010)  is set to announce “Camelot Playgroup.” We are happy to launch a new toddler developmental milestone in the form of preschool commenced from 1st Nov, 2018. They are located at the same place block 301 Serangoon Ave 2 #01-342 Singapore 550301 (2nd Floor). A holistic curriculum, hands-on learning that caters to each child’s developmental needs and pace. School Timings are: 7am to 1pm (half day)                                      1pm to 7pm

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Major Difference Between Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare Center

All the three schools are pioneers of a child’s behavior and education in the coming years of its life. A child learns to stay away from parents, embracing an environment of a school, learns to share, talk, play, know other personalities surrounding it. Good guidance from the educarers can develop a child’s brain effectively before its actual time. These schools have different educational programs and environmental differences as well as different schooling hours. Here is

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