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Importance Of Playing With Blocks at Infant Care Centre

Block building at infant care centre Singapore help in developing gross and fine motor skills, also improves cognition. Blocks come in different shapes and sizes with limitless building possibilities. As children go older, they develop new ways to creatively build blocks and bang them on the floor once they have finished playing. A sensory development skill forms into toddlers as they feel block texture, color and their unique sounds. Camelot Infant Care Centre has a

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Hand And Finger Skills In Your Toddler: A Preschool Development Milestone

Camelot Preschool Singapore is an exciting development stage of your toddler. There are many signs of progress in their physical and mental abilities. Your child develops muscular and concentration precision till the age of 3. Parents can look forward to seeing the following improvements. Muscle Strength: A proper development care centre Singapore pushes your child creatively and academically to understand their body capacities. Their neural hands and finger muscles respond to them and function efficiently

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