Importance Of Playtime With Peers At The Nursery

Camelot Nursery

Camelot Infant Care Centre Serangoon offers many advantages, one of which is playtime. It provides some of the biggest and most surprising benefits of spending some time with peers at the playgroup centre. It may look like playing games but it serves a child’s educational, social and emotional aspects of his lifecycle.

Benefits of Playtime at Infant and Toddler Care Centre Serangoon:

A high-quality childcare centre Hougang gives your munchkin a surplus of learning materials, which they would otherwise not be exposed to. Many benefits are a direct result of playtime. They have a good sense of sharing, caring, playing together etc when kept in a playgroup at the right time. Playgroups make your child disciplined and ready to enter a kindergarten phase. For instance, children who have experience in socializing feel less anxiety about communication skills, group activities, and recess.

Improved Socialization Skills

Socializing is a part of life and if mastered in the earlier childhood tends into well-versed skill. Taking your child to the park for playing makes him play everyday with a new one. The unique thing about pre-nursery Singapore is your child plays with the same peers everyday and tends to form a socialization skills.

Infant Care Centre Serangoon is the place where students are not only making friends but they are learning how to keep friends. Playgroup peers can disagree and even argue, which is the part of life and learns the skill of confrontation. At Camelot educarers are well experienced in handling such situations and helping children to deal in the right manner.

Improved Problem Solving

Playtime makes them face challenges like if they want to play a game which requires 3 players but there are 4 of them or they are having issues in understanding the game rules. Playgroup teaches them to dissolve such situation or to even think an alternative to move past issue and problem solve.

Playtime Is The Comfort Zone

Playtime is the most fun part of their growing up stages. At first, it can be scary for children when they first start Pre Nursery, after all they are used to spending all day at home with parents or caretakers. At the infant care centre they go through a transitional phase of being away from home with new friendly faces who ultimately become their second home.

Language Skill Enhancement

At home children do not force themselves to speak as the people surrounding him are aware of the time to time needs. But by going to a Pre Nursery they will have to stress on words to get their things or making others understand what they want. While playing with other kids they will learn to share things and adjust according to other kids behavior. Your child will learn to be his own advocate in order to secure what they want in a situation.

A Way To Release Energy And Emotions

While playing children tend to release energy which is healthy for their body, the balance of emotions in their body makes them realize happiness, sadness, conflicts etc. which makes their personality strong. This opportunity allows them to release frustrations that could otherwise result in a temper tantrum. Playtime is important as it helps your child calm down later when asked to sit at their desk and learn important information, instead of feeling the pressure of concentrating.

Increase Imagination & Physical Development

When kids play together their imagination takes a wild run as they come up with new creative games. Children learn to role-play on adults position like teachers, cops, moms etc. This helps them understand the importance and where they are coming from. All of this has countless benefits for your child and also physical development that strengthens their bones and muscles. A healthy body helps breed a healthy mind! Child obesity rise uses as much exercise as possible.

What If Your Child Doesn’t Get Enough Playtime?

Researchers have found all modern children incur greater stress levels if not sent to play on a regular basis. The playtime at Infant Care Centre Serangoon helps them balance their mental and physical strength. Children that do not have plenty of playtime spend their free time doing other things as playing video games or watching TV, which are not beneficial to their long term success.

Enroll your child at Camelot Infant Care Center the safest daycare center you would love your little ones to leave in safe hands, experienced teachers, fabulous training and nurturing activity programmes.

Camelot is only 7 min walk from Serangoon MRT station or Lorong Chuan MRT station. For families living in Hougang, we are also just 3.5 km away, and a 5-10 min drive depending on which part of Hougang you reside!



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