How to Enhance Language Development in Babies

Language Development

There are some developmental skills that only a parent can teach their little one before putting in an infant care center Singapore or directly to a preschool.  Doing so will make them cranky as they are not trained to hear instructions or understand a word said to them, your child can learn a lot before he reaches 1 year age. Push them towards challenges from the very beginning to make their future smooth and easy to communicate with pears.

Talk With Your Child:

Conversing with your little munchkin is always fun!! There is a story in every babble wait while they complete and then respond to their talk just like a good friend. Ask questions to him after showing some of your work and memorize him some of the words in a rhythmic manner. Make your infant respond to a conversation efficiently. This is also beneficial if you are putting your child in a daycare center Singapore.

Sing For Your Little-one:

Sing a lullaby to your munchkin or a music that he recognizes and calms himself down while hearing it. This will intensify hearing skills and recognition power which in future helps him grasp the instructions at the preschool.

Example: If you are in the kitchen & the baby is crying in the hall, play a music on your phone or sing that particular song to calm him down from a distance. This can also help in the car when you cannot pick him up.

Sit & Read With Your Child:

Babies love to visualize new things and engage in books with bright colors and simple photos.  Often stories should be read to interact with them efficiently. They would recognize the picture by pointing it out which enhances hand motions & their proper usage with brain development. This helps them immerse the sound and rhythmic speech which inculcates in language development.

Recognition of Body Organs:

At an early age, kids learn quickly rhyme to them while playing their hands, legs, toes and belly button by telling the importance of each part through a song. Narrate what you are doing so that he learns from your actions.

Example: Narrate the actions through hands and legs so that he can mimic the same with you and learns its importance.

Point Your Finger to Everything:

Everything you address to your child, point the thing out so that he concentrates while seeing that particular item. When your little one comes in contact with it again, he will point to the object and try to speak the word as you did. This is the most known learning skill your infant can cater too.

Example: Show him a car, bird, flower by pointing out the object so that he recognizes them in the future. He learns the names of these things by this method.

Story Telling:

Stories that a child sits and listen from you can make a striking impact on their creative level.

You can have a sweet bonding time with them. A child loves to hear bedtime fantasy story in your voice and mimic your expressions. They will sit at the scheduled time at a fixed point for the story and wait for your narration to start.

At a growing age, a child learns a lot from its surroundings, the behavior of the parents, manners, obeying gestures. These things come naturally to them in their growing stages if taught from the very beginning.

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