How an Infant Care Center Keeps Your Child In Motion?

Camelot Awareness

As a parent you have concerns about your child’s learning and upbringing, in this beautiful journey Camelot Infant Care Center Singapore helps your child in feeling every possible emotion of a happy childhood. Our team is well-trained and experienced in improving your child’s attention span, the importance of their body, organize its daily routine, and more. At the infant care center we have programmes curated for your little one to cater their body moves and grasp their surroundings at an early stage.

Our curriculum is made keeping in mind the different needs of a child’s growth stage and accordingly getting them ready for a preschool phase. At the infant care Singapore we assure that your child will be put to test in a fun and organized way which will help them succeed at a young age!

Camelot is the best infant care Singapore where you can expect improvement of your child in the following areas:-

  • Increases attention span and ability to focus
  • Develops body coordination
  • Motor skills are improved
  • A child is taught to sit and walk in a controlled manner
  • Clumsiness is reduced
  • A daily routine of your child is well-organized
  • Sensory skills and language skills are responded well through activities at the center
  • Grasping power increases as they learn to focus skills
  • Mind and motion control

We at Camelot, have infant care development programmes following appropriate safety measures and health practices. An infant gets some sense of identity from its educators or caregivers who incorporates infants own definition of self. The environment of our infant care is secured, protected, and intimate. A child never learns in a school, with a good child-teacher bond it can make development in a correct direction.

A daycare center is a place where your child has its “own space,” as they become more mobile we offer them exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery, through a variety of learning experience. Early motion, sensory and scientific skills are taught through puzzles, blocks, reading books, expressive art technique, and other building material. Critical thinking, body awareness and sensing the world around is the preferred curriculum at Camelot International Infant Care.

Schedule a tour of our childcare center Singapore and have a word with our team, explore or place for your munchkin. You will never feel left out from your child’s precious memories as we send a everyday report and communicate daily with the parents at the center to maintain healthy relations and understand your viewpoints for your child’s upbringing.


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