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Importance Of Playtime With Peers At The Nursery

Playtime is important for all babies and toddlers. It is fun yet critical to their development. Play is work in the eyes of the little ones and their way of learning about the world around them. Play provides for babies and toddlers a platform to try out new skills, practice skills acquired, explore their imagination and enhance their creativity, and learn about relationship with

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Camelot Infant & Toddler Care Centre, A Preferred Choice for Your Child’s Early Years’ Care and Education!

At Camelot Infant & Toddler Care Centre, every single aspect, from the warm environment to the engaging programmes, are specially planned and designed to your child’s development and well-being in mind. We believe that a clean and safe environment with good hygiene practices lead to healthy babies. Hence, we emphasize a great deal of attention to ensure that the cleanliness of our environment and

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Hand And Finger Skills In Your Toddler: A Preschool Development Milestone

Camelot Preschool Singapore is an exciting development stage of your toddler. There are many signs of progress in their physical and mental abilities. Your child develops muscular and concentration precision till the age of 3. Parents can look forward to seeing the following improvements. Muscle Strength: A proper development care centre Singapore pushes your child creatively and academically to understand their body capacities. Their

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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preschool is the new beginning in your child’s development, new friends, learning new set of skills, gaining confidence and independence. An early preschooler brings school success and academically sound future. You and your toddler may go through mixed emotions like anxiety, excitement and even sadness of not being around each other the whole day. Here are some few simple strategies to ensure a smooth

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Help Your Child Recognize and Express Its Emotions

Early childhood development and education can be somewhat a mystery, as it is during this time your little one wants to learn about how the world around them works. Today there are a lot of technologies and techniques that make babies learn the basic behavioral gestures and communicating effectively by learning in the best infant and toddler care centre Singapore. Along with basic understanding

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